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A Short History of (WWW Virtual Library: Pharmacy) is a database of pharmacy related websites which was started around February-March 1994 ( - no longer active) by David Bourne. In Feb 1994 there were about 1000 websites. The domain name later changed to with the change in campus domain name. The database joined the WWW Virtual Library collection as the Pharmacy page. By early 1999 the website moved to, it's current location. Entries are mainly added by request, manually.

Sites of Interest
Drug Rehab Treatment Centers for Women. The Providence Women's Center for Recovery, located 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia, was created to fill the huge unmet void of affordable Christian drug and alcohol rehab services for women only. Drug Rehab Treatment Centers for Women
Chattanooga Medical Weight Loss Clinic Chattanooga Medical Weight Loss Clinic. We strive to offer our patients the most effective, safe, and healthy weight loss treatment possible. Our emphasis is on nutrition and exercise conducted in a supportive, medically supervised environment. We believe in helping our patients to understand weight loss in terms of body composition, rather than just the number on a scale.
Legacy Cremation Services. During this difficult time there are many questions you will need answers for. You may be asking yourself, "Which funeral provider should I contact to arrange cremation services for my loved one?" "Do I qualify for social security or veterans benefits?" How should I arrange for cremation services if my loved one lives in another city or state?" Legacy Cremation Services
Joliet Personal Injury Lawyers Joliet Personal Injury Lawyers. Aggressive Representation In Your Time Of Need. After an accident, many victims are left to deal with a painful and extended recovery period. Unfortunately, when an insurance company approaches you with a less than fair settlement offer, it can leave you feeling like a victim all over again. Consulting a skilled personal injury attorney is one of the most important decisions you need to make in order to receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.
Ask a doctor online Now. How it works. Choose the desired service. Submit a brief medical history and your question to Doctor. Get expert replies. Ask follow-up questions if needed. Ask a doctor online Now
Used x-ray machines Used x-ray machines. Capital Dental Equipment (CDE), a subsidiary of Dental Health Management Solutions (DHMS), was established in 2011 as a distributor of certified, pre-owned dental x-ray equipment.
Home Insulation, spray foam kits are quicker and easier to use plus you get a seamless air barrier and high R-value in just 1 inch. Choose Foam It Green spray foam insulation kits and don't settle for less than you deserve. Home Insulation
Walk in Tub Prices Walk in Tub Prices. Bathing Should Be Relaxing - and Now It Can Be! Taking a bath is supposed to be an enjoyable, relaxing experience, not a challenging one that could cause you to slip and fall and hurt yourself. Taking the high-step out of getting in and out of your bathtub significantly increases safety. Older adults especially can benefit from a therapeutic bath to relax and release tension in all areas of the body. Soaking muscles and joints to ease pain and reduce inflammation can provide relief that continues outside of the bathtub.
Farar & Lewis LLP can help you get compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, rehab expenses, property damage, and other financial hardships you may have suffered Farar & Lewis LLP
Victims Law Firm Victims Law Firm, is a premier Los Angeles personal injury law firm, with over 30 years of experience. Over the past years, our los angeles personal injury attorneys have helped victims, all over California, recover over $15 million dollars. Our law firm believes that victims of personal injuries deserve no-nonsense legal representation. Our personal injury attorneys believe that each client is entitled to excellent customer service, attention to detail, and the best results possible.
Ehline Law Firm PC. My friends at Ehline Law are highly experienced accident and personal injury attorneys based in Los Angeles, CA. They help victims of negligent injuries obtain windfall like results in all types of bad drug, medical malpractice, abuse, motorcycle, car bus and truck accidents. Call for a free consultation at (213) 596-9642. We are "masters of disasters" for wrongly harmed consumer. Ehline Law Firm PC

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