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APhA-ASP is a list for APhA-ASP Region 2 members. To subscribe send a message:
subscribe asp-region2-list

ASH-EHLB is an innovate service provided by the American Society of Hypertension to disseminate key information from the Tenth Scientific Meeting of the Society, to be held on May 17 through May 20, 1995 in New York. Through this mailing list, a broad audience of health professionals can follow the proceedings on a daily basis wherever they may be from the comfort of their e-mail boxes! How to subscribe: Send e-mail as follows: To: Subject:. Message: subscribe ASH-EHLB firstName lastName

ASP is intended to be an electronic bulletin board for pharmacy students who are members of APhA-ASP throughout the continental US. Pharmacy students who are not members of APhA-ASP are welcome to join. The purpose of this bulletin board is to share legislative ideas, program ideas and, any other issues that affect pharmacy students and the profession of pharmacy in general. How to subscribe: Send e-mail as follows: To: LISTSERV@MERC.RX.UGA.EDU Subject:. Message: subscribe asp

CAMIPR is a listserver for drug information specialists in institutional or academic practice. Apply for membership by sending a message to The message should say:
subscribe camipr yourname@youre-mailaddress

CANAPS-L is a moderated discussion list for the Canadian Association of Pharmacy. To subscribe to it send an e-mail message to: listserv@UALTAVM.BITNET (or LISTSERV@VM.UCS.UALBERTA.CA) - In the body of the message enter: subscribe CANAPS-L first_name last_name. Messages to the list should be sent to: CANAPS-L@UALTAVM.BITNET (or CANAPS-L@VM.UCS.UALBERTA.CA)

The CHINs list is for discussions of Community Health Information Networks (CHINs) by CHIN vendors, Health Care professionals, Health Care IS staffs, and any other interested parties. To subscribe send an Email message to chins-request@CHIN.NET or Majordomo@CHIN.NET with the following in the BODY of the message: subscribe chins The CHINs list is also available in a Digest version. If you'd rather receive CHINs-Digest send an Email message to Majordomo@CHIN.NET with the following in the BODY of the message: subscribe chins-digest

The Compounder's Network Listserve is an e-mail-based resource provided by the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (IJPC) and created to allow compounderユs worldwide the opportunity to communicate information about preparing compounded medications for individualized patient needs. E-mail messages sent to the list are reviewed and then forwarded to all participants, allowing everyone to share information on the compounding issues of today. To sign-up go to and click on the Compounder's Network, provide the information requested and press the join button. You will receive an e-mail message to confirm you e-mail address. Follow the directions within the message to confirm your address for approval to join the list. The list moderator can be contacted at

Derwent Pharmaceutical Listserver, is a forum for the discussion of patent information. To subscribe to the pharmaceutical listserver please send an email with to:
with the text:
subscribe pharma-l your name
in the body of the message.

EPIDEMIO-L is a discussion list for Pharmacists interested in pharmacoepidemiology. To subscribe to this list send the following message: SUBSCRIBE EPIDEMIO-L firstname lastname to: LISTPROC@CC.UMONTREAL.CA

FabTechs - Yahoo Group, UK

The Academy of Students of Pharmacy, a branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association has set up a LISTSERV, MIDASP-L. Interested parties may join the list by sending a subscription request to: LISTSERV@SDSUVM.SDSTATE.EDU the message should say: sub midasp-l FirstName LastName. Inquiries may be sent to Shannon Moore at:

NAPRONET is an electronic scientific forum established to discuss chemistry and biological activity of natural products. To subscribe send a message: subscribe NAPRONET firstName lastName to No subject is needed.

Users of NONMEM, the Nonlinear Mixed Effects Model program, have an electronic mailing list set-up from 'headquarters' in San Francisco. Send e-mail requests to be on the list to Items for distribution are e-mailed to: A collection of pharmacokinetic resources including a summary of these NONMEM discussions is available via the Pharmacokinetic Resources page.

Pediatric-PRN for pediatric pharmacists (or anyone else who is interested). This mailing list is initiated in conjunction with the Pediatric Practice and Research Network of the ACCP. The mailing list is:
Anyone may subscribe by sending an Email message to:
With no subject and the simple one line message: subscribe pediatric-prn

Pharmacy-Immunization Net (PI-Net) is a LISTSERV for pharmacists involved with immunization advocacy. PI-Net is moderated by John D. Grabenstein, who brings 13 years of experience in vaccine advocacy to the task. PI-Net is dedicated to the protection of all Americans from vaccine-preventable diseases. In the United States, 50,000 to 80,000 Americans die year after year after year from pneumococcal pneumonia, influenza, hepatitis B, and other infections that vaccines can stop. People are dying while vaccines sit unused in refrigerators. To subscribe, send the message 'subscribe pi-net firstname lastname to Leave the subject field blank. To send or post a message to the PI-Net list, send your message to

PHARMA is a mailing list for pharmacists working at university, hospitals and industry (not retail-pharmacy). To subscribe, mail to:
with first line of text:
subcribe PHARMA Smith, John (i.e. your name)

Pharmdocument is a moderated mailing list for pharmacists to discuss how to document clinical interventions. The list will focus on useful forms, protocols and outcome measurement tools for different disease states and intervention opportunities. It is the hope of the moderator to generate an archive of useful forms and discussion that can be retrieved by those on the mailing list. How to subscribe: Send e-mail as follows: To: Subject:. Message: subscribe pharmdocument Subscribers can send questions or useful forms to Any other questions can be directed to the list owner at PharmPK is a LISTSERV for people interested in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. To subscribe send the message 'subscribe PharmPK first_name last_name' to

TOXINET is a mailing list designed to act as a forum for discussion of research findings and other matters concerned with animal, plant and microbial toxins. To subscribe/unsubscribe/get help about membership of the list, send messages to MAILSERV@Levels.UniSA.Edu.Au. The body of the message should contain a line such as:

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Please let me know about any other pharmacy related LISTSERVs or mailing list. Thank you, David Bourne

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